Bring it on 2015!

There is something so invigorating about the onset of a New Year. New experiences, new challenges, and new opportunities. Think of the adventures ahead, new friends, and new memories to be made. Have you taken some quiet time to jot down some of your goals and motivations for 2015? If you call them RESOLUTIONS, it sounds like a greater likelihood of happening after January 3rd, don't you think?

Looking back over 2014, there have been many AWESOME changes in SunCrest. First and foremost is the opening of The Ridge. Having a market and restaurant in our backyard is something many of us are absolutely loving. If you haven't been over to try it out; that could be on your January list of goals. Many thanks to Cal, Tod and Gaye Wadsworth for their commitment to our community!

Our HOA has started construction on the basketball court/tennis court by the clubhouse. Looking back on all of the fun activities the HOA sponsored this past year for our enjoyment (garage sales, BBQ's, Easter Egg Hunt, Truck or Treat, Christmas, and Valentines Parties, concerts and Movies in the Park - to name a few) All of this without raising our HOA fee for the 5th year in a row.

2014 brought out the PASSIONATE side of SunCrest residents. We learned that we have a collective voice that can be heard in Draper. We are not looking at a Salt Dome, and we now have an advisory board for the TRSSD. We definitely have benefitted from the time and efforts of so many who have educated us on issues pertinent to SunCrest. If you have attended any of the City Council, HOA meetings or TRSSD meetings; you have a clear perception of just how much all of us care about the well being of our neighborhood. Did I say bus stop? Oh yeah, we care about the safety of our kiddos. We are pretty passionate about all things SunCrest.

How about growth? It's so exciting to see new construction and community growth again in SunCrest. Existing homes have appreciated and many more homes are again above water from the economic downturn. As short sales and foreclosures become more rare, our property values are heading up at a steady pace. A breath of fresh air.

Warm regards,

Robyn and Scott
"Team SunCrest"-Your SunCrest Resident Realtors

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