How We Roll

We have never been as proud to say that we live and work in SunCrest, as we were during our warm winter clothing drive for Heber Valley Elementary. We were amazed at the generosity and kindness shown to strangers. As we sorted and sized all of the clothing that was donated at the clubhouse, we were so appreciative at the efforts that residents put in to "giving" to these kids and their families. Many items were new with the tags still on them, all were clean and folded, and all items received were in good shape. We were prepared to launder and mend, if necessary. No need, why? Because we are a generous, kind community of loving people here in Suncrest and that is HOW WE ROLL!

We took all of the clothes up to the elementary school just prior to Thanksgiving, and got to see many of the kids who received the clothes that were donated. As we walked through the school halls with Heber Valley Elementary Staff, it was enlightening to see all the kids lining up for lunch. Some of the kids were wearing lanyards indicating that they were on "free lunch" passes. It was very humbling to see so many happy kids with so little.

We want to thank those of you who donated and those of you who are still dropping items off at the clubhouse. We will be making another donation to the school kids before Christmas break with the items that are still being collected. This has been so helpful and made such a difference in the lives of these families to have warm clothing this winter. THANK YOU SUNCREST. You should be proud of who you are.

Warm winter wishes,

Robyn and Scott
"Team SunCrest"-Your SunCrest Resident Realtors

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